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August 13, 2015

Make Money Online In Nigeria Working For Remenk Computers

Hi everyone. Today I will explain how to make money online from Remenk Computers. I have been researching on how you can make money online here in Nigeria. There are many ways you can make money online. I discovered that people find it difficult to distinguish between scam and real business. If someone tells you about a business opportunity, take your time go online and research on the business very well before joining them. The funny part is that you will  tell someone about an online business the first thing that comes to his or her mind is "scam" when he or she is yet to do a research to find out more. The truth is that serious Nigerians make serious money online today. I won't be wasting time promoting this investment company if I haven't made money from them. 

I found this company REMENK COMPUTERS that pay you for working for them online. I tried it and it is working for me. They pay every Friday of the week once you earn. We call Fridays "Happy Fridays". It is simple to understand. Even a novice can join and start making money. I want to help those who find it difficult making money online. It's one of the simplest businesses online.
I will tell you how you can make money online working for Remenk Company. You don't need any PayPal account or any other online bank account. They pay straight to your bank account.
First, have you heard of Remenk before? If no, Remenk is a company/organization website, where Nigerians are ripping huge money from, and you can do this job working from your mobile, now let me not waste time, let me head to the point,

After Registration, refer minimum of two people. You earn your first N1,000 from the second person you referred. The first person being your qualifier cannot earn you money. When your second downline refers one person, you earn another N1,000 and the first person referred by this new downline will earn you another N1,000 and the trend continues like that from every first, first, first person ... invited by your downline you keep making N1,000. Is that not easy? Now guess what, that was only two people. So you can imagine how much you will make when you refer 10 of your friends? If you have a lot of friends, you will never remain the same again trust me. The best part is that even if you refer only two people and you don't want to refer again, you keep making your money provided the second person you invited invites someone. Just like that for every first person invited by your downline N1,000 is yours. Let’s do some maths here.
Example: Let’s say you invited only 16 people and at the same time these 16 people invited at least one person. You earn 15 + 15 = N30,000. If this new people invited invites someone each you keep making your N15,000 weekly. You don’t even need to invite any one again you keep making money weekly provided your downline invites someone. Easy enough?

You can invest money on the site, and also refer the same time, as for that investment, you can earn more. if you refer an investor, no matter how large/small the amount the person invested you will get 2% from it, and that is not all, you will be giving free e-book worth 20 thousand naira.
There are people who have bought land with this business, because many who join this makes 30 thousand+ weekly, and that is correct, and they pay every Fridays, which will go straight to your bank account.

Benefit from me when you join through me.
If you register through me I will give you free e-books on Traffic Tactics, Google hackers, Make Money with Facebook and some other e-books that will help you in Online Business. And don't forget the company will give you e-book worth 20 thousand naira. If you want me to help you in advertising your code so people can join through you by creating a blog for you, you can let me know. If you don't have money to start the business, feel free to send me an email I will help you. And I will give you some strategies to become successful in this business.
What are you waiting for? Come join my team and start making money online.
Note: Designing of free blogs for new member who are joining me will end very soon

Before you join I will like you to take you time and go online, use your favourite search engine and find out more about “Remenk Computers” also know as "wealth power". Find out what other sites are saying about it. Find out for yourself if it’s real or not. Instead what you will see is people asking you to join them in making money with Remenk. After your research come back let’s explain how to register.

( 2 ) TWO THOUSAND NAIRA (to purchase a pin)
I know you are already frowning because of the N2,000 in the requirement. Everybody loves free things, even me. The money is not payed to me. It's payed to the company.  Good News!! . . . If you don't have money to start just let me know I will help you start. The company's official site is 

 How to join
The first step to completing the membership registration is to purchase a registration PIN
To buy a PIN, pay N2,000 into our bank account as detailed below.
Send your name, phone number and teller number to 08065193665, and we will send a pin to you by SMS.

If you are making payment via online transfer, mobile money or ATM transfer, enter your name on the remark / comment box (if available). After you have successfully made the transfer, send the name of the account (through which the transfer was made), Transaction Time and your telephone number to 08065193665 via SMS.

Our bank detail:-


 On registering successfully, you have automatically become a member of Wealth Power. As a member, you now have access to our numerous products, ranging from investment manual, internet money making e-books, motivational books and so on which worth over Twenty Thousand Naira (N20,000). These, you can download as value for your one-time payment.

* Earn upto N270,000 monthly on actively involving ten downlines
* Free online investment tips
* SMS and E-mail alerts
* Free access to our recommendation services

Find out more about how to register and how the system works HERE

Let me tell you the truth. The first time I heard about the program I said to myself how can I pay N2,000, what happens if I don’t make a gain. I didn't join at that first time. I went online to find out more about this company. I found out it was real. As a student I decided to take a risk to pay the N2,000 and I said to myself even if I don’t make a gain from this company I am sure I will get the N20,000 worth of E-book (on online business) the company promised if you join. I decide to give it a try. I informed my classmates most of them joined because they trusted me. As am talking to you now this is where I get the money I use to feed myself today. You can even send free SMS to your friends to join with their website. . If your friends really trust you, am telling you the truth you will be a rich man or woman in a week.
To join this business you must have bank account and two thousand naira, they pay you through your bank account, that’s why only people with bank account can join.
The two thousand naira you will pay to the company website as registration fee and also to get a pin.

Click here to Register:

Contact Us:
Email: or
Phone no: 08062439377 or 07016669974
WhatsApp: 08062439377
Twitter: @friendsmade
Instagram: @friendsmade1
The company official website:

July 19, 2015

7 Reasons Why Most Upcoming Artistes Will Never Blow

Most upcoming artistes fail to blow not by destiny or ill luck, but as a result of lack of priorities, styles and many more which we shall discuss.

1. They Don’t Advertise Themselves

If you think miracle is all you need to blow, then you must be seriously sleeping on a moving bicycle. To blow in Nigeria, you have to advertise yourself aggressively and give it whatever it takes. As a matter of fact, it’s not a bad idea advertising that track of yours on FriendsMade where we have music freaks who are always at alert to download FriendsMade front page musics, and may not even hesitate to share it with their friends if it’s really worth it. You can ask Qdot and Olamide, they will confirm to you that good music will surely help your Career.

2. They Patronize Cheap Producers

You need not sing like Michael Jackson before you blow. However, the impact of good production cannot be overemphasized anytime any day. Most upcoming artistes may not blow because they always patronize backyard producers who will produce 5 tracks for them at the rate of N10, 000. Ooooh common that ridiculously cheap !!.
We know you are not rich yet! But at least, spending as little as N20, 000 to produce a single track is much more better than seeking producers who produce 5 tracks for N10, 000

3. Lack of Creativity

What makes one stand out amongst his peers is creativity and uniqueness. However, many upcoming artistes fail to get to the peak of their dreams not because witches and wizards are following them, but because they are not creative in any way.
4. Pride
Pride is also a determinant of how far one will go in his music career. However, it is very evident that it’s the habit of most upcoming artistes to always give people a false sense of their financial status through their dressings, spending and what not. They are sometimes proud that they raise shoulders to people who are meant to help or make their dreams come true in a little way they can. This is one of the reasons why many of them have failed to blow

5. Poor Dress Sense

They say your appearance is the first letter of recommendation. The mode of dressing of many upcoming artistes is sometimes childish and annoying. You see many of them dressing like masquerades; looking unkempt, poor colour combination, unattractive hairstyle, and many more which I cannot mention. The truth of the matter is that, when your appearance cannot catch people”s fancy, how do you convince them to listen to your track?

6. Immature Lyrics

Good lyrics and punch lines is all you need to at least gain some recognition. When you listen to the songs of many upcoming artistes, you will keep wondering if the songs was composed within the ambit of 5mins. That is, they sing a chorus repeatedly for about three minutes after which a verse will follow suite and that’s the end of the song. Haba !!! It may be working for Vizkid but that doesn’t mean you should try that

7. Imitating The Style Of Others

To succeed in life, you have to do something others are not doing, or what they have never done. As a matter of fact, we know that 2face already has his own style and that’s his brand, so why copy his style as a leverage to also get to limelight ?, when you know that you may be seen as a copy cat . Try to build up your own style

Written by: Tosyne2much

Source: Naijaloaded

Mixtape: Underrated Vol. 4 - Deejay Tony (@therealdjtony)

Fast rising Dj Tony springs back after taking a little break with this club rocking mix he titles “UnderRated Mix Vol. 4” a compilation of some of the fire igniting singles currently rocking the radiosphere and stratosphere.

July 1, 2015

BVN: 7 Things You Should Know About Bank Verification Number

The deadline for the Bank Verification Number (BVN) registration in Nigeria which was suppose to end June 30, 2015 has now been moved to 31th of October 2015.

As from today 31th October, restrictions will be placed on the accounts of bank customers who haven't registered for the BVN.

Here are 7 things you should know about the BVN:

1.  The BVN is an initiative of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

2. It was launched in February 2014.

3.  It is a unique number that enables one person to have a single identity in the banking system

4.  It is aimed at protecting bank customers from identity theft.

5.  It wills serve the purpose of strengthening the Nigerian banking system.

6.  A customer is only expected to register at one bank, irrespective of the number of accounts he has.

7. Customers will still be able to access cash after the BVN deadline ends but online transactions will be restricted.

June 18, 2015

Music: Koko Body - Speed T (@speedt009)

SPEED T is back again with another really dope vibe. He calls this one KOKO BODY and its a mid tempo feel kinda tune. Produced by Johnicks himself, you already know its a banger.
Download, Enjoy and share.

June 13, 2015

Video Recap: Abeg - Sean Tizzle (@iamseantizzle)

Sean Tizzle serves up the visuals to his recently released single “Abeg”, the tune was produced by Black Jerzee.

Music: Higher - Autoclave [@autoclaverecord] Ft Eve’el

Higher is the first single lifted off the X factor album, Autoclave works magic on this beat and Eve’el who currently  has a management deal with Chopper City did great justice on this david guetta feel beat. 

GOSPEL MUSIC: Jije (Woju Cover) - Oliver The Rain [@olivertherain]

Oliver The rain is a Benue Born Producer, Artiste and instrumentalist.. Here is a Banging Gospel Version of Woju [Jije] #Follow Me Dance by the Abuja Based Producer.. 
Download, Listen, Dance & Share!