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August 30, 2015

'Hashtag Selfie' By Romeo Uchi | @uchiromz

“November 19th, 2013, Selfie’ was named the Word of the Year by the Oxford DictionaryPseudo-intellectuals everywhere cried about the ‘death of the English language’Because God forbid modern colloquial speech be recognized as valid.Time Magazine refers to ‘millennial’ as the ‘me me me generation’Selfish, all we care about is personal gratification Lazy, entitled, shallow narcissists.
A picture of a girl taking a selfie on her phone is used for the coverBecause our selfishness can be summed up in the fact that we like how we look enough to document it.We are consumed, they tell us, with our self image.Everything is about us.Me-me-me.With the addition of every word to the dictionary,‘Hashtag’. ‘Perf’. ‘Sexting’. ‘Totes’. ‘Selfie’,The ‘me-me-me’ generation continues to make it all about ourselves,And we should, they tell us, weep, We should weep because we are entitled,because all we care about are selfies and parties and Instagram,Because this is the generation that will one day run the world,And for that, we should weep, Because all we are is ‘me-me-me’.

Let me tell you something.Every year, university tuition will be 2.3% more expensive for MY GENERATION,MY GENERATION reports higher levels of anxiety and depression than ANY other generation,15% more of US than YOU will go to university, But 46% of MY GENERATION won’t find a job until over a year after law school,MY GENERATION, on average, is $47,628 in debt.58% of girls in MY GENERATION feels like they are the wrong weight,95% of people with eating disorders are part of MY GENERATION,And MY GENERATION has a million dollar industry telling us that we are not good enough,That we are ugly, lazy, and entitled,And anything we do to be financially successful, Or less stressed,Or beautiful, god dammit,Is in vain.

So pick up your phone,Pick your favorite filter,And take a goddamn selfie.You deserve it for having to grow up in these times.” ‘Hashtag Selfie’.

Written and composed by Romeo Uchi

August 19, 2015

Music: Rock My World (MJ Cover) - Pst. Nicodemus ft. Emperor Swag

Pastor Nicodemus along side Emperor Swag jumps on Michael Jackson's World wide hit "Rock My World" and gave us there own version. 
This song was originally suppose to drop yesterday, 19th of August which was Pst. Nicodemus' birthday. 

I wont bore you with too much talk. Lets go right into downloading the tune. Enjoy. 

August 17, 2015

ADs: Ed-Frank Modeling Agency Presents "Less Is More" Fashion And Music Festival

Less is More.  Sure Less is more!!! 

Small is great and beautiful... no matter how small, it makes a difference. A difference is all that matters where the human race is significant.

Am very sure “Less is more Fashion and music festival” (LIM-FMF) is no news to us all. There are so many ways to create impacts, LIM-FMF has made it easier to do this!

This event is put together by people from normal works of life just for charity. 

•Designers from different works of life have been assembled and working tirelessly each day to showcase their brains. 

•Models have been auditioned to grace those outfits and walk the runway with elegance 
•The runway is set 
•Celebrities and quests are all ready to make  this charitable festival a memorable one!

WHAT OF YOU? Don't be left out while the world goes round... make the world go round. 


Enquiries:. 08134122285 Bbm pin 55904918

August 16, 2015

Video: The Middle (M.I x Olamide Dance Cover) - Extigate Team [@Donflexx]

It's the Month of August and from the stables of Extigate entertainment, they've decided to drop another dance visual to thrill us and show their consistency towards their creative act. Enjoy the Link below as they dance to THE MIDDLE by MI ft OLAMIDE.

Music: Carry Go - Dieps [@iamdieps]

Adrian Oruene aka Dieps is Swerve innercity (swerveinc’s) young act who has been on mute for a while but now his label decided to release a get

MUSIC: Gwumolo - Mark Owi [@iammarkowi]

Sensational Singer and song writer Mark Owi the recipient to Anya, Okamaleya and winner Idoma Got talent is back with another Mind blowing and feet moving tone Gwumolo. Thanking and celebrating God in a dance tone put together by Charles creation,presented by purple matt music and promoted world wide by star trace Movement. 

Download,  listen and share the testimony 

Download Here

VIDEO: Agony of a Woman - Biggie Brown [@itsbiggiebrown]

When Biggie Brown put out his emotive number “Agony of a Woman“, it was very well-received with positive reviews and to critical acclaim. The conscious tune carries a timely message spun around factors relating to gender inequality – the manner in which feminine balance has been misplaced in our societal strata and how our locale perceives and reacts to such issues. Since it’s official release, Biggie Brown has undertaken campaign initiatives that saw the active involvement of some ‘girl child’ and ‘women empowerment’ parastatals to which strategies were mopped up in effect to heralding this often overlooked cause. The experience left him with so much to say and he’s hoping this four-minute video vividly paints his gripping thoughts as expressed in the song. Watch and Download the video, comment your thoughts and please share with a friend.

August 13, 2015

Make Money Online In Nigeria Working For Remenk Computers

Hi everyone. Today I will explain how to make money online from Remenk Computers. I have been researching on how you can make money online here in Nigeria. There are many ways you can make money online. I discovered that people find it difficult to distinguish between scam and real business. If someone tells you about a business opportunity, take your time go online and research on the business very well before joining them. The funny part is that you will  tell someone about an online business the first thing that comes to his or her mind is "scam" when he or she is yet to do a research to find out more. The truth is that serious Nigerians make serious money online today. I won't be wasting time promoting this investment company if I haven't made money from them. 

I found this company REMENK COMPUTERS that pay you for working for them online. I tried it and it is working for me. They pay every Friday of the week once you earn. We call Fridays "Happy Fridays". It is simple to understand. Even a novice can join and start making money. I want to help those who find it difficult making money online. It's one of the simplest businesses online.
I will tell you how you can make money online working for Remenk Company. You don't need any PayPal account or any other online bank account. They pay straight to your bank account.
First, have you heard of Remenk before? If no, Remenk is a company/organization website, where Nigerians are ripping huge money from, and you can do this job working from your mobile, now let me not waste time, let me head to the point,

After Registration, refer minimum of two people. You earn your first N1,000 from the second person you referred. The first person being your qualifier cannot earn you money. When your second downline refers one person, you earn another N1,000 and the first person referred by this new downline will earn you another N1,000 and the trend continues like that from every first, first, first person ... invited by your downline you keep making N1,000. Is that not easy? Now guess what, that was only two people. So you can imagine how much you will make when you refer 10 of your friends? If you have a lot of friends, you will never remain the same again trust me. The best part is that even if you refer only two people and you don't want to refer again, you keep making your money provided the second person you invited invites someone. Just like that for every first person invited by your downline N1,000 is yours. Let’s do some maths here.
Example: Let’s say you invited only 16 people and at the same time these 16 people invited at least one person. You earn 15 + 15 = N30,000. If this new people invited invites someone each you keep making your N15,000 weekly. You don’t even need to invite any one again you keep making money weekly provided your downline invites someone. Easy enough?

You can invest money on the site, and also refer the same time, as for that investment, you can earn more. if you refer an investor, no matter how large/small the amount the person invested you will get 2% from it, and that is not all, you will be giving free e-book worth 20 thousand naira.
There are people who have bought land with this business, because many who join this makes 30 thousand+ weekly, and that is correct, and they pay every Fridays, which will go straight to your bank account.

Benefit from me when you join through me.
If you register through me I will give you free e-books on Traffic Tactics, Google hackers, Make Money with Facebook and some other e-books that will help you in Online Business. And don't forget the company will give you e-book worth 20 thousand naira. If you want me to help you in advertising your code so people can join through you by creating a blog for you, you can let me know. If you don't have money to start the business, feel free to send me an email I will help you. And I will give you some strategies to become successful in this business.
What are you waiting for? Come join my team and start making money online.
Note: Designing of free blogs for new member who are joining me will end very soon

Before you join I will like you to take you time and go online, use your favourite search engine and find out more about “Remenk Computers” also know as "wealth power". Find out what other sites are saying about it. Find out for yourself if it’s real or not. Instead what you will see is people asking you to join them in making money with Remenk. After your research come back let’s explain how to register.

( 2 ) TWO THOUSAND NAIRA (to purchase a pin)
I know you are already frowning because of the N2,000 in the requirement. Everybody loves free things, even me. The money is not payed to me. It's payed to the company.  Good News!! . . . If you don't have money to start just let me know I will help you start. The company's official site is 

 How to join
The first step to completing the membership registration is to purchase a registration PIN
To buy a PIN, pay N2,000 into our bank account as detailed below.
Send your name, phone number and teller number to 08065193665, and we will send a pin to you by SMS.

If you are making payment via online transfer, mobile money or ATM transfer, enter your name on the remark / comment box (if available). After you have successfully made the transfer, send the name of the account (through which the transfer was made), Transaction Time and your telephone number to 08065193665 via SMS.

Our bank detail:-


 On registering successfully, you have automatically become a member of Wealth Power. As a member, you now have access to our numerous products, ranging from investment manual, internet money making e-books, motivational books and so on which worth over Twenty Thousand Naira (N20,000). These, you can download as value for your one-time payment.

* Earn upto N270,000 monthly on actively involving ten downlines
* Free online investment tips
* SMS and E-mail alerts
* Free access to our recommendation services

Find out more about how to register and how the system works HERE

Let me tell you the truth. The first time I heard about the program I said to myself how can I pay N2,000, what happens if I don’t make a gain. I didn't join at that first time. I went online to find out more about this company. I found out it was real. As a student I decided to take a risk to pay the N2,000 and I said to myself even if I don’t make a gain from this company I am sure I will get the N20,000 worth of E-book (on online business) the company promised if you join. I decide to give it a try. I informed my classmates most of them joined because they trusted me. As am talking to you now this is where I get the money I use to feed myself today. You can even send free SMS to your friends to join with their website. . If your friends really trust you, am telling you the truth you will be a rich man or woman in a week.
To join this business you must have bank account and two thousand naira, they pay you through your bank account, that’s why only people with bank account can join.
The two thousand naira you will pay to the company website as registration fee and also to get a pin.

Click here to Register:

Contact Us:
Email: or
Phone no: 08062439377 or 07016669974
WhatsApp: 08062439377
Twitter: @friendsmade
Instagram: @friendsmade1
The company official website: